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We work with athletes and active individuals to help them get back to their sport, their training, and just plain life without their injuries. 

Your session starts with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the root cause of the pain, followed by an overview of the plan of action so you know what is going on every step of the way!  

"The rehab team at Owen Performance gave me clarity and confidence in my rehab process. They helped me get back in time for the start of my next season, stronger, and faster than before!"

Francois-Xavier Marois

Hockey player (post ACL surgery rehab)

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Whether it's a sore back, a sore knee, or a torn ACL, our athletic therapy team has got you covered. Athletic therapists are the leaders in combining science backed manual therapy and exercise to help recover faster.

We do

Joint injuries and joint pain such as knee and shoulder pain.

Muscle Strains and Injuries like back pain, and neck pain

Post operation rehab like ACL Rehab

Random muscle and joint pain you can't describe!


Whether it's to work on a deep routed injury, some minor pain, or just plain relax and feel like new again our Registered Massage therapist use a wide array of manual techniques to help you feel like YOU again.

We do

Muscle Strains and Injuries like back pain, and neck pain

Deep tissue work

Minor aches and pains

Swedish relaxing massage

Sports Performance Massage

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Red light Therapy.png

 A tool that has existed for years that utilizes two different types of light wavelengths that help us safely and effectively create a positive change in your physiology to achieve a quicker recover time. 

Helps With

Muscle healing, bone healing, scar healing.

Temporary Pain Relief

blood flow to tissue to promote healing.


A strap that we can use on the upper body and lower body to create the physiological effects of a hard workout for tissue growth and repair without the stress of heavy weights.

Helps With

Post operation strength gain and muscle growth.

promoting tissue repair

post training recovery to increase training frequency

Force Plate Testing.png

Using a dual force plate system that helps us track how well you are progressing and recovering. This helps us gauge your return to play as an athlete with the confidence you need to be able to play at 100%.

Helps With

Post operation return to play.

Determining functional muscle imbalances.

Determining when you are ready for the next phase!

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