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COmmon Questions

  • How do I book a session?
    The fastest way to book a session is to click on the "BOOK NOW" button on the Home Page and pick the day and time you want to meet. You can also click the "want to talk to us?" tab and send us a direct message with your availabilities and a short description of what you are looking for so we can find you the right person!
  • It says athletic performance, do i have to be an athlete?"
    No, not at all! The majority of our clients are athletes, but we specialise in helping individuals move better.
  • Do you offer a monthly membership?
    We don't offer a monthly membership as we specialize in individualized training sessions.
  • Can i get access to the gym without a training sessions?
    Unfortunately, all of the sessions are with a strength coach.
  • how much does a session cost?
    Session cost vary depending on the number of sessions you take per week to the age of the client. We have various packages to choose from but we want you to be on the best plan for your goals.
  • How do i get started?
    Simple, click on (BOOK NOW) button on the home page page and select the time you want to set up the strategy session and get things rolling.
  • What if I am dealing with an injury?
    We work closely with our sister company, Owen Rehab, to streamline the rehab process and get you back on track towards your goals!
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