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Go beyond your limits and redefine your game next season

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Changing up the way hockey training is done by using a comprehensive testing session, then getting you set up with a personalized training system designed specifically for you, instead of a generic one size fits all program.

Detailed comprehensive analysis to know where we need to start focusing our attention to get the best results possible.

Customized plan with the focus being on what will help them unlock their potential and help them make an impact next season

Nutritional guidance for performance!

Access to our athletic therapist & Massage therapist for tune ups

Vacation workouts to know you aren't missing a beat when enjoying some down time!

Each Hockey Player Gets:

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Step 1: Evaluate

We run you through a full body evaluation just like pro teams! We determine how well your body moves, how strong you are, and how much power you can generate. 

Step 2: Personalize

We build you a specialized program geared towards helping you work on your goals to help you become a far more dominant player. 

Step 3: Adjust

We make the adjustments to your workout to keep you progressing and leveling up your performance!

Name, Title

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Babak Owen M.Sc. CSCS

-15 years of experience working with professional, elite, and youth hockey players, and Olympic athletes. 

-2 years of work with the Montreal Canadiens American league affiliate team. 

-2 years of work with Mcgill Men and Women Hockey program

Judd Beltran-Semana B.Sc. 

- Head Speed and Power Strength Coach

- 2 years of work with elite and professional athletes.

- Bachelors degree in exercise Science

Leila Owen B.Sc. CAT(C) FQM

-15 years of work with Elite Athletes in Rehab and Performance.

-Head Athletic Therapist at Owen Performance

-Return to play Specialist 

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