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Don't forget about the 15 Years of Development and Back Testing to make this happen...

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3 Different Speed and Power Workouts MONTHLY (1029$ Value) for 29.97 / Month.


BONUS 1: Sample Meal Plan for Athletes (150$ Value)

BONUS 2: Power Pre Game Snack Options to keep you buzzing out there! (59$ value)

BONUS 3: Exclusive Bi Weekly podcast with tips and interviews from pros. (100$ value) 

BONUS 4: Top Speed Pre Game Warm up! (105$ Value)

BONUS 5: 15 min call strategize your plan (95$ Value)

BONUS 6: Access to Athlete Core System (50$ Value)

BONUS 7: Exclusive Recovery Day CHEAT SHEET for quicker recovery (50$ Value)

BONUS 8: Exclusive Hockey Specific Mobility Routine Video for recovery days. (50$ Value)

BONUS 9: 50$ Voucher for Summer 2024

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**These are not typical results and results may vary. This is a case study of an NHL Player

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**These are not typical results and results may vary. This is a case study of a high-school Player

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Increase your Speed on the Ice! 

Take your strength and on ice stability to another level! 

Be a more dynamic player on the ice

The workouts are manageable in the season!
Adjustable difficulty so you can manipulate the workouts throughout the week. 

Increase performance and decrease you likelihood of injury

Take advantage of the long season to work on your performance

And did I mention Speed Improvements?

Maya Labad NCAA Player

Quinnipiac University

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Thomas Bordeleau

Professional Hockey Player

San Jose Sharks

Daniel Audette

Professional Hockey Player

Ajoie HC


Francois Xavier Marois

Junior Hockey Player


Felix Trudeau

NCAA Player 

University of Maine

Fred Testimonial.jpg

Frederik Gauthier

Pro hockey Player

Ajoie HC


Gianluca Velenosi 

Varsity Hockey Player


Noah Romanelli

Midget Hockey Player

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