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Is Your Back Pain Caused by Your Weak Abs?

In the last back series post, we discussed the second step to gaining control of back pain is to find out what you can do without irritation. While it can seem everything causes pain, there is always something we can do without pain.

The goal is to avoid doing the irritating movements for a bit of time so we can work on the next step.

After some time of avoiding those trigger movements, it’s time to build your abdominal endurance. There may be other ways to progress, but my client’s best results have been focusing on abdominal endurance as the next step.

This means that you’ll learn to keep your abdominals contracted during movements. We start with easy movements, then gradually make the movements more complicated.

How complicated do the exercises need to be?

That depends on what you’ll need to do. Getting you back to your sport means the exercises need to challenge your abdominals enough for the movements needed.

We need to start somewhere and the video is a great place to start.



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