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Should You Rest When Injured or in Pain?

I know it can be frustrating. You felt this pain slowly creep in while you were training. It started off small and didn’t last long, so you didn’t think too much of it. But now you noticed it’s still bothering you, and it hurts more than before and starting to affect your performance.

You decide to take time off to see if it works itself out. After your break, everything seems good but it’s not long before you start feeling that pain again. 

Now, what do you do?

Take another break?

What if the same thing happens again?

Well you try to take a break again because you’re hopeful that it’ll work this time. However, the result is the exact same. Now you’ve tried resting more than once and nothing has changed. How much longer do you want to be away from what you love?

Trying the rest approach is good, you might get better, but not always. There are many reasons why resting won’t work (technique, too much too soon, etc.), and not addressing these things will just make things worse over time. The other thing to keep in mind is that the problem may travels to other regions in your body and now you’ll have other areas causing you pain. The longer the injury goes on, the more those regions in your body gets irritated and the longer it takes to undo the sensitivity of the tissues (I know from personal and professional experience). 

While I do suggest seeking a professional to get a personalized plan to getting back to your activity, there are exercises you can start right away. A good place is our library of videos on our owenperformance Instagram page. While it may not be specific for you, it can give you some control over your injury. I do suggest that you lower the intensity and duration of your sport (yes, I know, I’m suggesting a break), because it’s hard to improve while you’re still irritating yourself. 



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