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Back Series: The First Thing You Must Do.

You’ve had back pain for some time now and aren’t sure where to start. The most important thing is to avoid the things that trigger the pain the most. Sometimes that’s hard when everything seems to cause you pain.

If everything you do feels like it triggers something, then you need to get it checked to help you get started. It’s easier for an Athletic Therapist to give you guidelines on things you can do safely.

(Side note: A doctor visit is also important to make sure there is nothing else.)

If your triggers are obvious, then you’ll want to avoid those movements for now. You wouldn’t continue hitting a bruise. It never quite heals. It’s the same thing when you irritate your back thinking it'll get better.

It’s hard to move forward if you haven’t removed the major triggers. You’ll find yourself at a standstill from being able to move on to the next step.

Starting exercises when your back is sensitive may not be helpful. You don’t need bed rest to get better, but you should avoid those movements that trigger the pain.

Your trigger movements can be coming from everyday activities like vacuuming, mopping. Make sure you check everything.


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