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Back Series: Two Major Differences

There are two types of low back pain.

One that just happened. The other that’s been around for months or longer.

I deal with them differently because they are different.

The one that just happened, needs a bit of time to rest. It might be bad enough to get it checked out. There aren’t many exercises you can do to help it.

It’s a different story if it’s been there longer. Especially if you’ve pushed through the pain with your sport. Your body had to compensate to get it to do what you wanted. If you’re lucky the pain never gets bad enough to force you to stop. Often that’s exactly what happens, you’re forced to quit early.

You're still optimistic. You try stretching and exercises but it still ends the same.

Now it seems like there are two options. Rest or push through the pain. Rest has a better chance of helping, but often that’s not the case. The longer the injury has been around, the more you’ll have compensations. Rest is not good at helping with compensations. So the pain comes back when you get back to your sport.

Now that you’ve tried a few things, the next blog post will help you get started.



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